About Madre Consulting
We are branding experts specializing in Strategy and Creativity for CPG and SaaS brands. Our work reaches over 55 markets, and we've helped grow our client's businesses up to 7x. 

We were born in Latin America and have expanded to the United Kingdom and the United States.
We believe in enabling doers - in nurturing their ideas into big ideas - to help them change the world.

One night after work, a profound and reflective conversation among colleagues featuring a few rounds of whisky turned into the above declaration of intent. That's how, and most importantly, why we started Madre: to nurture brands.
Iván, Juan, Amanda & Carlos / Co-Founders
Born in Latin America. Thriving around the globe.

We are a team of interdisciplinary professionals working from London, Miami, and Managua committed to engaging in meaningful relationships that generate valuable outcomes and get you compliments. We are also proud to be Latinx.

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