We believe in enabling doers and nurturing ideas into big ideas to help change the world
We nurture brands with the right creative strategies to break into new markets, communicate effectively, look the part, and ultimately win in life.
We enable doers to fly high

We partner with forward-thinking Founders, C-Level Executives, and Marketing Teams that have arrived at a realization: 
It's time to do things differently, challenge expectations, be bolder, and aim higher.
Is this you?

The tale of Madre

After working together in a series of successful global-brand projects, we realized that our mixed expertise on strategy, creativity, and business, became life-changing to products with enormous potential but no clue how to act.

One night, a profound and reflective conversation featuring a few rounds of whiskey turned into a joint declaration of intention: “to help good products thrive through the power of big ideas.” That's how, and most importantly why, we founded Madre in 2016.
Iván, Juan, Amanda & Carlos / Co-Founders
Born in Latin America. Thriving around the globe.

Working from Nicaragua, the United Kingdom and the United States, we have created successful brands and campaigns that reach over 50 countries.​​​​​​​
Looking to launch, reposition or add more value to your brand? Let’s explore your current challenges, and let us offer some insights to help you move forward.
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