we conceive, incubate and give birth to big ideas.
Present in over 50 countries, our work aims to inspire the world through smart, appealing and purposeful concepts.
We create and transform brands. We live and breathe everything branding stands for: purpose, naming, positioning, unique value proposition, tone of voice, territories, and of course, visual brand identity. We design attractive and functional systems that go way beyond the logo.

We advise on, develop, and accompany integrated communication campaigns. We combine digital and print, retail spaces, outdoor and experiential. Our creative strategies, key messages and visuals are backed by both, a strong base of research, and aesthetic taste.

We design purposeful events and spaces that place people at the center of the experience. We incubate high social impact projects such as ‘​​​​​​​Chispafest’, the International Creativity Festival of Nicaragua, and ‘Mañanas Creativas’, a series of local creative talks.
Our work methodology is inclusive among all areas to ensure transversal solutions. Strategy, creativity, business, design, communication and production.
A talented and driven set of interdisciplinary specialists.
We apply design thinking principles, work with different specialists, consultants and artists to ideate solutions from different optics.
Madre Consulting Allies
Architects.                             Musicians.
Psychologists.                       Sociologists.
Animators.                            Photographers.
Lawyers.                                Illustrators.
Cinematographers.               Journalists.
Economists.                           Engineers.
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