Cinco Décadas: An Anniversary Brand for Inmersion & Positioning

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cigar Factory Joya de Nicaragua, we developed a superb product and brand, solidifying its status as a pioneer and leader of the Nicaraguan cigar industry. 

The result is Cinco Décadas (Spanish for Five Decades), a cigar representing fifty years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and resilience, unique to the first factory to craft handmade cigars in Nicaragua. A celebration of an outstanding past and an even brighter future.
Rise to the Occasion.

Fifty years are easier said than done. Fifty years as pioneers and leaders of the Nicaraguan cigar industry deserve a superb tribute. A testament to the ultra premium quality that has characterized Fábrica Joya de Nicaragua. 

Celebrate being first, being the best, or just being. Cheers to an outstanding past and an even brighter future.

Cinco Décadas, Rise to the Occasion!
Unparalleled Elegance.

Being Joya de Nicaragua's most memorable milestone yet, Cinco Décadas' visual identity had to reflect an unparalleled elegance worthy of the occasion.

For the main wordmark, we chose a wordplay with the number five, an evolution from the visual concept of its predecessor Cuatro Cinco, a cigar commemorating the factory's 45th anniversary. The color palette consisted of burgundy red, ivory white, and gold, colors associated with sophistication and royalty. 

Through exploration and iteration, we established a system of assets rooted in premiumness, commemorative spirit, and luxury. These included a special 50th-anniversary security seal and lettering for the brand claim 'Rise to the Occasion.'
The Packaging.

Cinco Décadas comes in an exquisitely crafted ivory-white and a gold lacquered box of 10 cigars. Each unique element of its packaging reflects the value and artistry behind this masterpiece, from its gold embossed leaves and holographic foil to the special 50th Anniversary security seal that guarantees its exclusive origin, the Joya de Nicaragua factory.
The Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar.

To further share five decades of success, crisis, and resilience, we conceptualized and produced a limited edition commemorative book titled 'Cinco Décadas: The Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar.' 

This literary work not only tells the story of Nicaragua’s first premium cigar maker but sheds light on the collective evolution of the country, its people, and the cigar industry itself. From its special tobacco paper wrapper to its textured pages that emulate tobacco leaves, this book is designed to be a unique sensorial experience. 
Creating this piece took two years of extensive research and a multi-talented effort. We commissioned renowned British writer Nick Hammond to capture this story and collaborated with some of Central America's top creative talents to create an unforgettable visual journey. This included distinguished Nicaraguan photographer Otto Mejía and acclaimed Costa Rican design studio Pupila. ​​​​
“Our goal was to showcase the profound impact that tobacco and cigars have had in our country, in our people, our culture, and in our future. It’s not a book about a person, or a family, or the process of making cigars. It’s a book about all of those things. This book allows us to appreciate cigars in a more meaningful and complete way.” 

Juan I. Martínez
Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua
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