Madre Talks is a space to connect, get inspired and learn something new. We host colleagues, friends, and members of our team as speakers to share ideas they are passionate about. It started out as an in-house activity we used to call 'Creative Sessions', but it also came to be known as 'Pizza and Beers Night'. The content was always great and worth sharing beyond our team. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adjusted the format to remote video-calls and decided to open up these encounters, welcoming all curious minds to join us every Friday for inspiration.

*Pizza and beers not included.
¿Y AHORA? - Marcas, publicidad, comunicación y pandemia
A dialogue between colleagues sharing their thoughts about the challenges brands are facing due to the COVID 19 crisis. How advertising has changed and adapted to the context, and also the importance of Public Relations for brands in a global pandemic.

¡No me hagás una escena!: la gestión cultural en tres actos
By Jaime Zúñiga, actor, director and theatrical manager of Nicaraguan origin, residing in Southeast Asia.
Cultura, tecnología y poder: El futuro de los coworking
By Francisco Brown, Nicaraguan architect, designer, and writer with an international background specialized in Design Studies from the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University.
El Rol del diseño en tiempos de crisis
 "The role of design in times of crisis", as a discussion around the open call for the Ibero-American Design Biennial 2020.
By Marcelo Jiménez, Partner and Senior Graphic Designer at Pupila.
By Sara Cifuentes, Colombian Visual Artist.
PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome)
By George Henriquez, Msc. in Gender, Ethnicity and Intercultural Citizenship.
Luces, cámara, producción
By Rossana Baumeister, Cinematographic Producer, Founder of Tanacatana Films.
El diseño es un viaje de ida y vuelta
By Vicky Evans,  Argentinian Art Director based in the UK with over 20 years of experience.
Hablemos de Project Management
By Karla León, Branding unit Director at Anagrama Studio.
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